An Afternoon for Women Living with Advanced Cancer

This event has past.

Location:  Keystone Hall (opposite Maroondah Council Offices), 9 Civic Square, Croydon

This afternoon will include a presentation on ‘Constructive Communication with Your Oncologist’, a practical introduction to Tai Chi, and some time to look at resources and chat with staff and volunteers over a cuppa.

Constructive Communication with your Oncologist

How do you get the best out of your consultation with your oncologist? What does the oncologist want to know in order to best tailor treatments for each individual?  How do you best balance side effects of treatment with good quality of life? Would you consider a clinical trial? Medical Oncologist Jacquie Chirgwin will discuss the importance of the relationship between patient and oncologist and the impact that has on women feeling supported and able to participate in decision making about their care where-ever possible. There will be time for discussion and questions.

Jacquie Chirgwin is a Medical Oncologist at Eastern Health. As well as her involvement in clinical care and trials over many years she has been instrumental in organising Multidisciplinary Care for women with advanced cancer at Eastern Health. Jacquie also designs healing gardens at Hope and Heart Garden Design.

Tai Chi

Mind, body and spirit are all exercised together in this ancient Chinese exercise.  Over time, tai chi can help improve health, concentration and vitality, relieve stress and fatigue, help with muscle fitness and improve sleep patterns and sense of relaxation. Join experienced instructor Margie Brett from the Celestial Tai Chi College for a gentle introduction to the art of Tai Chi.

Please RSVP by Friday June 23

BreaCan is partnering with the Breast Service at Eastern Health to bring you this session

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