Chair yoga

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Location:  Online workshop

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Join a small group for a gentle yoga session, done from a chair.

The session, including warming up the body, movements to mobilise the spine, deep letting go and meditation is designed to leave you energised and relaxed.  You do not need to be a certain age, size, or shape to practise or benefit from yoga. Sarasvati is an experienced yoga teacher who has particular expertise in making modifications for people with illness and injury.

Wear clothes you can move in. Use an upright type of (kitchen) chair rather than a sofa or comfy chair that you sink into. There will be time for questions.


If you register via the link below you will be placed on a waitlist.

Register to take part in the Chair yoga workshop here.

*Registrations for this event close 5pm Wednesday 10 March.

Last Updated: 4 March, 2021 3:58 pm