Creative activity exploring resilience

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Location:  Online workshop

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Resilience is what helps you to cope and to get through difficult times. We all have resilience to some degree. It can be helpful to identify when and how we have been resilient in the past to give us confidence about managing difficulties in the present or future.

Join this creative workshop to think about the strategies you have used for building resilience in your life and to develop new ones. This activity can also increase awareness of your inner world and to notice things you may like to change.

No artistic skill or experience is required.

Sandy Buchanan is a Registered Creative Arts Therapist. She has worked for over eight years with individuals and groups using creative activities to improve the way people live and see the world. She brings her intuitive and empathetic approach to working with others, underpinned by evidence-based psychological theories and her own lived experience.

You will need paper and pencils, pens, or whatever you’d like to use to draw and colour.

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This event is for women who have been affected by breast or gynaecological cancer.

During this workshop you will be asked to use the camera on your device for safety purposes.

Registrations for this session close at 5pm on Sunday 23 August 2021.

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