Dietary changes and cancer treatment

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Location:  Circle Health Building, Unit 6, 230 Blackshaws Rd, Altona North

During and after cancer treatment many people experience changes in taste, appetite and weight. Sometimes eating patterns change, or metabolism changes, and we can put on weight that's hard to shift. It can be hard to find sensible and accurate advice on healthy eating. Even knowing the changes to make, it's difficult to change long term eating habits and resist social pressure.  This session will look at how making some changes to your diet may help navigate this challenging time.

Join Coralie Lowe, (Nutritionist and Home Economist) and participate in some fun and interactive ways to increase our knowledge when making healthy food choices. Discuss why processed foods can seem so attractive and share ways to make healthier choices. Learn more about nutrition labelling on packaged food and pick up simple tips to use for portion sizes. Coralie will cook 2 quick, healthy recipes to taste test. You can take the recipes away to make and adapt them at home.

This session is for anyone who'd like to make some changes to their current eating habits and who wants to know what changes to make to have a positive impact on their health.

This event has past.

Last Updated: 12 August, 2019 11:29 am