The emotional load of living with metastatic cancer

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This is a Making Connections session for women with advanced cancer

If you are living with metastatic cancer that requires ongoing treatment and monitoring, you are also managing a complex range of concerns and stresses.  These can include: emotions like grief, anger, fear, isolation, sadness; ongoing uncertainty about the future; managing side effects from treatment; changing roles; concerns about the impact of your health on loved ones; lack of understanding from significant others; anxiety about scans, tests and the progression of cancer; financial stress and the list goes on.

Sometimes it can be useful to pause and be aware of the emotional load that you carry. You might appreciate your own strength and resilience or look at what could be changed or done differently in order to lighten the load. Maybe it’s time to reprioritise your own needs and wishes, to recognise what 'too much' looks like, or to seek help before things fall apart.

Join our presenter Dr Dani Bullen to consider these issues and how they affect your own life. Dani is a clinical psychologist working at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre who has a particular interest in working with women to manage the emotional and existential issues associated with their cancer diagnosis.

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