Happy body, calm mind

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We want to feel good in our body – balanced, content, confident and engaged with life. Changes in our body due to ageing, illness, cancer treatment and side effects can mean that we lose trust and ease in our body. This in turn can disturb our mind, and lead to a cycle of discomfort in body and mind.

Over 20 years Swami Karunananda has made a practise of staying present and listening to her own body throughout illness, injury and ageing. She will lead us in an exploration of the inner and outer resources we have available to connect to our body in the present moment so that we feel (or find) a greater sense of ease and vibrancy. This session will include both discussion and practical exercises.

Swami Karunanada is a yoga and meditation teacher who strives to embody mindfulness and joy in all aspects of her life. She is continually opening to greater awareness in her own life and is always inspired by the capacity of others to do the same, no matter their situation. She finds that compassionately exploring together, enriches us all beyond belief.

Before the session you may like to think about any of the following questions:

Where and when do you feel most yourself?

When do you feel most comfortable and at ease in your body?

In what ways do you feel happy with or grateful to your body?

When do you feel most at home in your body?

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This event is for women who have been affected by breast or gynaecological cancer.

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