Making good decisions – session for women living with advanced cancer

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Location:  Counterpart Resource Centre

We all make decisions all the time, but some are harder than others. Factor in living with a chronic, life-limiting condition and decision making can become even more complicated. In theory, our decisions should be based on a full understanding of the benefits, harms and uncertainties associated with alternative courses of action, but in reality this can be difficult to achieve. Situations change over time, sometimes we don’t have all the information, and sometimes our perspective and the perspective of our loved ones varies. The question isn’t what’s best, rather it’s what’s best for you at this time.

Join psychologist Belinda Astl for an interactive session about making the best decisions we can for ourselves. Belinda will introduce some ideas around decision making, including tools and strategies that may be useful, as well as facilitate discussion amongst the group. Having worked with BreaCan/Counterpart for 15 years, Belinda is very familiar with the issues facing women living with advanced cancer.

This session is part of our Making Connections program for women living with advanced/metastatic cancer.

Last Updated: 24 April, 2018 2:04 pm