Meditation to help with physical pain

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All our events are free. If an online event fills up, priority will be given to Victorian women.


  • Women with cancer 
  • Family, carers, friends of women with cancer

How can meditation help us deal with physical pain? Matt Young from the Melbourne Meditation Centre encourages us to be a little more curious and a little less resistant when it comes to pain.

  • When does pain intensify?
  • When does pain diminish?
  • Do your mental and emotional states affect physical pain?
  • What happens when your intent is to be rid of pain?

If you are interested to investigate the ways in which your attitude towards pain shapes your experience of it, then join us for this practical workshop.

Meditation is a useful skill that can be used alongside other methods of pain management. In this session, Matt will guide us through some techniques that may be helpful in learning to manage pain.

Matt is a very skilled meditation teacher and has a wealth of experience in exploring the benefits of meditation. He is passionate about presenting meditation in a way that is practical, ‘down to earth’ and very relevant for our busy modern lives.

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