Meditative drawing and painting – for women living with metastatic cancer

This event has past.

Location:  Online workshop

Program: In person

Address: N/A

This session provides an introduction to a range of meditative drawing and painting techniques and the opportunity to try some of them in an hour-long session.  Neurographic drawing, ‘blind’ drawing and the art of the scribble to wet-on-wet watercolour painting will be shown. An information sheet on each of the techniques will also be provided for further exploration.

Drawing or painting in a simple meditative way offers many benefits creatively and therapeutically without the stress of thinking we need to express ourselves or to produce good art.

Art Therapist Jackie Burden will guide the process in a gentle, non-judgemental way.

Participants will need pencils (or markers, crayons or pastels) and paper for the session. If you like you can also bring watercolour paint and brushes.

This session is part of our Making Connections program for women living with advanced/metastatic cancer.

Register for the Meditative drawing and painting online workshop via our Eventbrite listing here

Registrations for this session close at 5pm Sunday 2 April

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