Living with metastatic/advanced cancer: a handful of insights, options and support

This event has past.

Location:  Online workshops and webinars

Address: N/A

Join our first ever online day of sessions for women who are living with metastatic/advanced cancer.

Our selection of information sessions and workshops provides information, practical support and ideas to sustain your spirit.

Carers, friends and family are welcome to participate.

Join all or any of these sessions. You will need to book each session separately.

Registrations can be made via the links below:

9.30am      Clinical trials for metastatic cancer
10.30am     Mindful self-compassion
11.30am     Decision making with your oncology team
1.00pm      Unseen: the stories we make of our lives
2.00pm      Financial, legal and workplace support

*Registrations for each session close at 5pm Monday 15 March.

Last Updated: 14 January, 2021 2:17 pm