Mindfulness and emotions

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Location:  The gymnasium at Yarra Ranges Health

Program: Online

Address: Yarra Ranges Health, 25 Market Street, Lilydale VIC, Australia

Mindfulness can be a deep self-care practice. In this session, our presenter Kathy Jerin will introduce:

  • A simple map for understanding what emotions drain us and what emotions energise us.
  • How to use mindful awareness and breathing practices to create an inner sense of ease and calm.
  • Understanding the science – how mindful techniques work to change your experience at a physiological level.

Kathy is an experienced meditation teacher, coach and author. She teaches emotional self-regulation techniques for promoting optimum health. Kathy believes meditation is an integral part of life especially when it comes to reversing the effects of stress.

This event is organised in partnership with Yarra Ranges Health.

Register for the Mindfulness and emotions in-person workshop

Places are very limited. Covid-19 safety measures will be in place including social distancing. These will be communicated via email prior to the event.

Registrations for this session close at 5pm on Tuesday 5 April.

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