Nutritional support during cancer treatment

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Location:  Webinar

Program: Online

Address: N/A

Audience: Any woman who has had (recently or in the past) a cancer diagnosis. Family/ partners/ support people of women with a cancer diagnosis are also welcome to attend.

During this online session our presenter, Tanya Wells an experience Naturopath, will talk about how nutritional support can play a significant role in improving the overall quality of life for people living with cancer.

Optimising nutritional intake during treatment is crucial for supporting immune function, managing side effects, and maintaining strength and energy levels. Tanya aims to provide guidance on nourishing the body with functional, nutrient dense foods, whilst providing practical strategies to manage common problems such as loss of appetite, weight fluctuations, and common treatment-related issues like nausea, and fatigue. Tanya will also aim to debunk some of the common myths on the internet, advising against drastic diets and focusing on a nutrient rich, balanced approach.

Tanya has been practicing and mentoring for over 25 years.  Tanya's special interest and expertise is in the research and development of Integrative Oncology Programs: utilising the most effective Evidence Based Complementary Therapies to work in conjunction with conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Please note the change of date

The session will also be recorded and available online at a later date as part of our webinar series.

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