Styling headwear with confidence

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Location:  Counterpart Resource Centre

With summer on the way lots of social events are happening. If you’re going through cancer treatment or you’ve recently finished, you want to look and feel your best despite the bald head, the fuzz, the short short cut, or the new curls. Come along for a fun session with ideas and encouragement to style your hats, scarves and accessories to look more like a fashionista (or rock star!) than a cancer patient.

Our presenter, Nicole Mallalieu, has lots of creative tips for sourcing/making headwear, clothes and accessories, and for styling to distract from the bits you don’t like. Nicole is a designer and lecturer in Fashion with a particular love for “mature style”, headwear and accessories, and a passion for dressing up!

Bring along a couple of your favourite outfits/garments and accessories. There will be more to play with on the day.

This event has past.

Last Updated: 13 August, 2019 3:31 pm