Thinking positive: burden or benefit?

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Location:  Women's Health Victoria, 8/255 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

‘Stay positive’ is a familiar message delivered by others to people living with cancer. Hearing these words from family and friends can be challenging if we are feeling worried or upset, and can leave us feeling worse not better. The not so-subtle suggestion is that our suffering can be minimised and we just need to change our attitude in order to feel happy. If only it was so easy!

How do we negotiate these conversations and the expectations from others to be some other way from the way we are right now? We all know that it’s helpful to have a positive and optimistic attitude, but how do we do this in a realistic way that also prioritises our own needs and self-care? This session will focus on our communication with others, giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and honour our own feelings, and maintaining a level of inner-harmony.

Our presenter Andrea Murphy is a counsellor and lecturer who has many years experience working with people living with life limiting illness. Andrea will facilitate discussion so you can share experiences and strategies to manage the fine line of maintaining optimism balanced with the reality of your own needs and feelings.

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