Toxic chemicals in everyday products

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This session is about what we know about the toxic chemicals in our environment and how they may affect our bodies. Our presenters, Dr Sarah Lantz and Carolyn Russo, discuss the research available about chemicals in our domestic environment, as well as the things that we still do not know. We talk about the regulations in Australia for chemicals. We also discuss the ‘precautionary principle’. This is the idea that if there is a risk that chemicals may cause harm, even if there is not enough current evidence to prove that harm, we should act to safeguard people’s health from that risk. The company should be responsible for proving that the chemicals they use are safe before people are exposed to them.

This session will also cover some practical steps that people can take to understand and to lower their toxic load, and where to find more information.


Dr Sarah Lantz has a background in nutrition, public and environmental health. She has been a researcher at the University of Melbourne and Queensland University specialising in the area of health and wellbeing. Sarah is an international speaker on the issue of chemical toxicity in the body. She has written a number of books including the bestselling Chemical free kids: Raising healthy children in a toxic world, One bite at a time: Reduce toxic exposure and eat the world you want and her latest book Forage ferment feast: Tales of food and family with recipes for restoring gut health, connection, healing and wholeness. Sarah is currently the owner of Temptress Apothecary, a wellness enterprise symbiotic with nature. She is a mother, ethical businesswoman, fledgling organic gardener, food activist and dedicated home cook.

Carolyn Russo was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 at the age of 45. After treatment she wanted to regain her sense of control and to find out what she could do to reduce the risk of this happening again – to herself, to her daughter, and to others in her family. This set her upon a path of research which has included training in the ‘Low Tox Method’ of identifying and reducing exposure to toxins in her environment. Carolyn is a certified Low Tox Life Coach, and Coach and will share with us a set of practical actions, tips and resources to empower us to take control of what we can control, by learning about the toxins in everyday products, and how to swap them for healthier alternatives. Carolyn is on Instagram and Facebook (

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This webinar is for women who have been affected by breast or gynaecological cancer.

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