Shrink your worries! – view online

Evans, Lynda Availability: Available

Counterpart Melbourne, Australia 2020

Taking care of yourself and your family: A resource book for good mental health

Cover image of 'Taking care of yourself and your family

Ashfield, John Availability: Available

Peacock Norwood, South Australia 2009

10th ed. 1921601347

Today I will… 100 ways to make your life calm and creative

Cover image of the book 'Today I will...''

Warrington, Carmen Availability: Available

Lothian South Melbourne 2005


The reality slap

Cover image of Reality Slap by Russ Harris

Harris, Russ Availability: Available

Robinson London, UK 2012


A comforted heart

Grosklags, Kelly Availability: Available

CWK Publishers USA 2017


Rise: a psychological and practical first-aid kit for overcoming adversity

Williams, Sian Availability: Available

Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 2016


Positive oncology: an optimistic approach to the big C

Cover image of Positive Oncology

Mackey, Sue Availability: Available

Balboa Press Bloomington, US 2017


A mindfulness guide for the frazzled

Cover image of Frazzled by Ruby Wax.

Wax, Ruby Availability: Available

Penguin Life Melbourne, Vic 2016


Happiness by design: Finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life

Cover image of the book Happiness by design

Dolan, Paul Availability: Available

Penguin Londong, UK 2014


Anxiety – listen online

Fletcher, Jane Availability: Available

BreaCan Melbourne, Vic. 2013