Ovarian cancer? You can NOT be serious!

Cover image of Ovarian cancer? You can NOT be serious!

Coggins, Janice M. Availability: Available

AuthorHouse Bloomington, USA 2013


Battle scars: One woman's story of a fight against ovarian cancer

Cover image of Battle Scars by Charlene Ericson

Ericson, Charlene Availability: Available

Charlene Lisa Ericson Palmerston, NT 2015


Steps to survival: Gynaecological cancers: raising awareness and my own private battle

Cover image of the book Steps to survival

Sweeney, Denise Availability: Available

Conor Court Ballarat, Vic. 2016


Eating the underworld: a memoir in three voices

Brett, Doris Availability: Available

Vintage Milsons Point, NSW 2001


Somebody's mother


Talking Heads Productions Albert Park, Vic 2000

Arrest the silent killer : surviving ovarian cancer : a guide and memoir

Seferth, Marion Availability:

Temple House Hartwell, Vic 2004


It's always something

Radner, Gilda Availability:

Simon and Schuster Sydney, NSW 2009


Gilda's disease : sharing personal experiences and a medical perspective on ovarian cancer

Piver, M Steven|Wilder, Gilda Availability: Available

Prometheus Books Amherst, NY 1996


A feather in my wig : ovarian cancer : cured : twelve/seventeen years and going strong

Van Billiard, Barbara R Availability: Available

Peter E Randall Publisher Portsmouth, NH 2005


A meaningful life : surviving ovarian cancer

Nikolovski, Connie Availability: Available

Connie Nikolovski 2009