Beauty after breast cancer

by Carey, Katelyn; Linaschke, Joseph

No Scars No Stories, United States, 2015

Cover image of the book Beauty After Breast Cancer

This joyful and positive book was created by women who have experienced breast cancer, and provides the information they wish they had had access to when they were diagnosed.  It is a large format book featuring full-colour images. It offers so much more than pictures, as it is possible to search for women who have had specific types of surgery and reconstruction. The 38 people featured in the book (37 women and 1 man) have had a range of experiences, reactions, procedures and outcomes. Stories include decorative and nipple tattoos; implant, DIEP and lat reconstructions; no reconstruction; bilateral and unilateral mastectomies.

Categories: Breast Cancer, Women's Stories

Subjects: Breast reconstruction, Mastectomy, Personal experiences, Survivorship

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