Healing : meditations to support recovery and wellbeing

by Warrington, Carmen|Jones, David

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Ultimo, NSW, 2011

When you're feeling unwell, or convalescing at home or in hospital, you want a kind voice to comfort you in your quiet times. As your body mends and repairs, your state of mind can support this healing process. Research indicates there is a body-mind connection, and that by focusing the mind on health and healing, the body is assisted in its recovery. Allow these meditations to lift you into a healing state of mind. The soothing voice, uplifting words and gentle music on this CD offer you support and comfort through your healing time. The meditations help you accept and manage pain, and visualise yourself as healthy. The waterfall meditation could be used to give your mind a positive focus during therapies such as chemotherapy. As you drift in and out of concentration, let the meditations cultivate a beautiful balance of acceptance of your condition and hope for your recovery.

Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Mind body therapies

Subjects: Meditation, Mind body therapies, Recovery

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