Living soul: original songs of inspiration, hope, love, laughter, courage, peace and the will to live, written by people whose lives have been touched by cancer

by O'Brien, Emma

Crystal Mastering, Melbourne, Vic, 2003

Living soul is a culmination of four years of songwriting by music therapist, Emma O'Brien, with cancer patients and their carers. All songs were written in hospital at the patient's bedside. Emma works with patients as they talk about their experiences, and together they frame those experiences into lyrics and music. The different styles on the CDs reflect their different personalities and stories. From the hospital bedside to the studio. Intimate ballads, pop songs, rock, funk, gospel chorus's folk and eclectic styles have been recorded with well known Melbourne musicians as part of a music therapy project to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and to capture the music and lyrics of those who have passed on. All proceeds go towards supporting Music Therapy at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Categories: Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing

Subjects: Cancer, Music therapy, Personal experiences

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