My parent has cancer and it really sucks

by Silver, Maya; Silver, Marc

Sourcebooks, Naperville, USA, 2013

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Cover of My parent has cancer and it really sucks

This book focuses on the specific issues faced by teenagers, such as dealing with friends, risky behaviours, communicating with parents and coping with school, as well as stress, grief, finding support, and life after cancer. Includes lots of advice from young people who have been in this situation, which helps to normalise feelings.

Co-authored by Maya Silver, who was 15 when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Marc Silver, who wrote the popular book Breast cancer husband.


  1. The News
  2. Cancer 101
  3. Let's talk: how to keep your family communication lines open
  4. How things will change during cancer
  5. Parentification
  6. Dealing with stress
  7. Risky business
  8. The power (and the limits) of optimism and faith
  9. The benefit of friends
  10. School daze
  11. Seeking support
  12. Facing a dire prognosis
  13. Losing a parent to cancer
  14. The new normal: life after cancer

Categories: Childcare, Relationships

Subjects: Children, Families, Grief, Teenagers

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