Relax : meditation vacations for body and mind

by Warrington, Carmen|Jones, David

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Ultimo, NSW, 2011

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Relaxation is an essential ingredient for a healthy, happy, fulfilling life, yet it seems to end up as the last item on our long list of things to do. The result is a build-up of stress in our bodies and minds, which can lead to exhaustion, ill health, lack of joy, and feeling overwhelmed by life. On this CD there are methods to relax your body and your mind. Many health professionals recommend a physical relaxation practice known as progressive muscle relaxation. The guided mediations that follow are creative visualisations. These invite you to a delightful meditation vacation. Two locations are offered for you to relax: the mountains and a tropical island paradise.

Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Relaxation and Meditation

Subjects: Meditation, Relaxation techniques

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