The quiet : four simple steps to peace and contentment – without spending the rest of your life on a mountaintop

by Wilson, Paul

Bolinda Publishing Pty. Ltd., Tullamarine, Vic, 2007

Imagine there is a place where you can't be touched by the noise and tensions of the modern world. Where, no matter what's going on around you, you can find time and space and room to breathe. This place exists. It's called The Quiet. Some people spend a lifetime of meditation practice and spiritual studies trying to find it. You can be on your way there in as little as 13 minutes. The Quiet practices are centred around four simple steps that transform the way you feel and what you get out of life. They're equally as powerful whether you've never meditated before, or want to deepen a lifetime of practice.|(Extract from CD cover)

Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Relaxation and Meditation

Subjects: Health and wellbeing, Meditation, Relaxation techniques

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