This present moment: an art therapy journal

by Welchman, Meg; Cuell, Grace

Purple Cords, West End, Qld, 2015

Cover image of This Present Moment by Meg Welchman

This book was created by Meg Welchman, a psychologist who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer, and Grace Cuell, a design student who has used mandalas for mindfulness. It is written for 'anyone questioning the unfairness of life, whether through illness or heartache or a sense of fear about the future'. The book features meditations and mandalas on 15 life themes including love, faith, hope, vulnerability, joy and resilience. The mandalas are black and white, to be coloured-in as part of a mindfulness exercise. Information on further reading and support services is included at the back of the book.

Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Relaxation and Meditation

Subjects: Art therapy, Mindfulness, Psychological wellbeing, Relaxation techniques

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