About these Navigators  

The Counterpart Navigator app is your stepping stone to finding good quality, current information on a range of cancer-related topics from reputable sources.

The Navigators will guide you to information on breast, cervical, ovarian, fallopian tube, primary peritoneal, uterine (including endometrial), placental, vaginal and vulval cancers.

Each resource included in the app has been checked and approved by a health professional and a woman who has had her own experience of breast or a gynaecological cancer.

We have no control over changes that may be made to third party websites after the resources were approved. Inclusion in the app does not constitute an endorsement of the information contained in the resource. The Navigators are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to provide a guide to information seeking. The information contained in the Navigator should never replace the advice of your clinician or treatment team.

This resource has been funded by the Victorian Government

Uterine (including endometrial)
Ovarian, fallopian tube & primary peritoneal