Personal stories

Faces of cervical cancer: Information and support for those living with cervical health issues
Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (AUS, 2020)
This online booklet provides simple explanations of cervical abnormalities, including cervical cancer and treatment. A number of personal stories are included throughout the text. For more personal stories, see the web page listed below.
 (PDF booklet)

Faces of cervical cancer – women with cervical cancer
Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (AUS)
Lots of women’s personal stories of cervical cancer. They have had a wide range of experiences, so these stories highlight that each woman is unique, and even their treatment is unique to them.

Living with gynaecological cancer, Part 5.1 – Women’s stories – Claire’s story cervical cancer
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (AUS, 2013)
Claire’s personal story of developing cervical cancer at age 29. She speaks of how she coped with diagnosis and treatment, and life after treatment. YouTube sometimes suggests other videos on similar topics. Please be aware that these other videos have not been reviewed for the Navigator, and may not be reputable.
 (YouTube video)

Lisa Forrest’s story
Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AUS, 2017)
Lisa was diagnosed with cervical cancer while pregnant. Her cancer responded well to treatment, she was able to continue her pregnancy, and she is now cancer free. This is a promotional video for the AGCF.
 (video, 6 mins 38 secs)

Lisa Banfield on cervical cancer
Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AUS, 2016)
Lisa was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1996. She tells the story of her difficult diagnosis and having children by surrogacy.
  (web and online video, 5 mins 58 secs)

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