Emotional support

Ovarian cancer support groups
Ovarian Cancer Australia (AUS)
Ovarian Cancer Australia provides online and face-to-face support groups. Find out more about these groups and how you can take part.
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Highly trained Peer Support Volunteers with lived experiences of a gynaecological or breast cancer provide unique understanding and support, by phone or in person. Other Counterpart services include group sessions, exercise programs and a resource library. Counterpart supports women living with breast or a gynaecological cancer in Victoria.
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Support groups
Cancer Council Victoria (VIC)
This page explains what support groups are and how they can help you. Links at the top of the page will help you find local, phone and online support groups in Victoria.
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Dr Brindha Pillay. Young women with ovarian cancer: emotional impact and early menopause
Ovarian Cancer Australia (AUS, 2017)
Clinical psychologist, Dr Brindha Pillay talks about how women can cope with some of the challenges of living with ovarian cancer, such as body image, isolation and the impact on relationships.
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Being OK…being you: a guide for young people who identify as LGBTIQ+ and have cancer
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (AUS, 2019)
The content is based on interviews with young people who have had a cancer diagnosis and identify as LGBTIQ+, or are still working out their sexuality and gender identity. Includes a section 'Cancer treatment and what to expect'.
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Managing emotional changes due to cancer
Cancer Australia (AUS)
Web page linking to information on the emotional effects of a whole range of issues relating to cancer and cancer treatment. Includes talking about your cancer, dealing with hair loss, sexuality and intimacy, same-sex relationships, impact on children, and lots more.

Cancer: how are you travelling?
Cancer Australia (AUS, 2010)
Booklet discussing the emotional, physical and practical challenges faced by people diagnosed with cancer, and tips for getting help.
  (42-page booklet, PDF, DOCX or hard copy)

Finding support
Cancer Australia (AUS)
Web page linking to information on the importance of support during your cancer experience, and how to find it.

Living with cancer
Cancer Australia (AUS)
Web page linking to information to help manage the practical and emotional issues relating to cancer, tips on dealing with them, and where to find help.

Cancer Council (AUS, 2021)
Explanations of how you might be feeling after our diagnosis and later on. Links to the booklet 'Emotions and cancer' below.

Emotions and cancer
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS, 2021)
Booklet providing information on the emotional impact of cancer. Includes physical effects of emotions, tools for coping, information on helping your friends and family, and how to get support.
  (52-page booklet, PDF or hard copy)

Shrink your worries!
Lynda Evans/Counterpart (AUS, 2020)
Social worker Lynda Evans provides practical strategies for managing worries.

Mindfulness: responding rather than reacting to life's challenges
Suzanne Peyton/Counterpart (AUS, 2019)
Learn how mindfulness practice helps reduce the experience of stress.

Relaxation and Mindful meditation for people with cancer
Cancer Council NSW (AUS, 2011)
Two popular audio recordings to listen to online.  Australian psychologist Dr Lisbeth Lane guides you through the basics of relaxation and mindfulness. Also available in CD format from Cancer Council Victoria.
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