About placental cancer

Placental cancer (placental site trophoblastic tumour) grows in the cells that would normally develop into the placenta during pregnancy.

This cancer is rare and is one of a group of pregnancy-related tumours, known as gestational trophoblastic diseases (GTDs). Other cancers in this group include hydatidiform moles, epithelioid trophoblastic tumours and choriocarcinomas. Some GTDs are cancerous and some are benign.

Find out more about the different types of placental cancer, how they develop and might be treated, in the resources below:

Gestational trophoblastic disease
Cancer Australia (AUS)
This page explains gestational trophoblastic disease. Follow the menu at the top to find more information, including statistics, treatment and support services.

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (AUS)
This is quite a long web page, but worth reading. It explains hydatidiform moles, invasive moles, choriocarcinoma and Placental Site Trophoblast Tumour (PSTT). Includes treatment, effects on future pregnancies, and also touches on how you might be feeling about your diagnosis.


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