Staying in hospital

Hospitals, surgery and procedures
Better Health Channel (AUS, 2022)
This video provides general advice for people who are unfamiliar with the hospital system in Victoria. Includes a video with subtitles translated into 20 languages. Scroll down for further information.
 (video, 4 mins)

Hospital staff roles
Better Health Channel (AUS, 2021)
A very general overview of the hospital staff you might meet during your stay. This will vary from hospital to hospital, depending on specialties and the culture of the hospital.  Scroll down for links to further information.

Everyday cancer words and terms: A to Z
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (AUS)
Handy list of terms used in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  (28-page booklet – PDF)

Top tips for safe health care
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (AUS, 2020)
This resource is available as downloadable poster (also translated into 15 languages) and booklet that expands on the nine tips. Particularly useful for people who have had a recent diagnosis and might be unsure about their rights and what to ask.
   (downloadable poster and 6-page booklet)

Making decisions about your health
Jean Hailes (AUS, 2020)
This page discusses the factors and questions to consider when making healthcare decisions. Explains the importance of finding reliable information to help you make those decisions and information on finding the best health professionals for you, and how you can get the most out of your appointments.

Decisions about surgery
Better Health Channel (AUS, 2020)
This page provides an overview of the decisions you might need to make before surgery, and how you can get the information you need to do so. Includes a list of questions you might wish to ask your surgeon.

Decision making in hospital
Better Health Channel (AUS, 2015)
This page provides an brief overview of the decisions you might need to make before you are admitted to hospital and while you are in there. Includes financial decisions, documenting your healthcare wishes, treatment and care decisions, and leaving hospital against medical advice. Links to further information.

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