It's in the genes
Yoland Antill/Counterpart (AUS, 2021)
Dr Yoland Antill, Medical Oncologist and Cancer Genetics specialist explains how genetics can influence cancer and determine treatment options.

Cancer in the family
Centre for Genetics Education, NSW Health (AUS, 2019)
Web resource providing information for people who have an increased chance of getting cancer because of their family history. Covers a range of topics including what to do if you’re worried; what types of cancer can be genetic; and genetic testing for cancer risk.

Physical aspects: Genetics
Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse (AUS, 2013)
This video discusses the role of genetics in gynaecological cancers. Includes women discussing their own personal experiences, as well as a specialist nurse and social worker. Includes talking with family members about genetic cancers, and the links between ovarian cancer and BRCA and Lynch Syndrome genes. YouTube sometimes suggests videos on similar topics. Please be aware that these other videos have not been reviewed for the Navigator, and may not be reputable.
 (YouTube video)

What is Lynch Syndrome?
Lynch Syndrome Australia (AUS)
This website is commonly recommended to Australian patients seeking information on Lynch Syndrome. Includes an explanation of Lynch Syndrome, the risks and how they can be managed.

Lynch Syndrome (LS)
Macmillan (UK)
This section of the website explains Lynch Syndrome, how it is inherited and diagnosed, and what screening is available. As this resource is UK-based, treatment and support services are not available to Australians.

Family cancer centres
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS)
List of services that can provide genetic testing and advice in Victoria.

Find a genetics service
Genetic Support Network of Victoria
Search for genetics services within Victoria. On results pages, services are listed by type and may include a section on ‘Cancer Genetics Clinics’. For services nationwide, scroll down to the link to a full list of Australian clinical genetics services.

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