Physical effects

Look Good Feel Better
Programs and tips to boost the self esteem and confidence of anyone being treated for cancer. Programs run in various locations around Australia, and you can book online on their website.

Wig service
Cancer Council Victoria (VIC)
Free wig service offering wigs, headscarves, beanies and cotton caps. They also offer a mail order service to people who cannot visit the centre in St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Hair loss
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS)
This page explains when, why and how hair may be lost during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

Understanding hair loss
Cancer Council (AUS, 2019)
Explanation of why hair loss might occur following some cancer treatments and how it might be managed.
(fact sheet, PDF)

Styling headwear with confidence
Cancer Council (AUS)
If you are experiencing cancer-related hair loss, watch tips from experts Dr. Susan Carland and Dianne Haynes on wearing and styling a headscarf or wig.
(online videos)

Dealing with hair loss
Macmillan Cancer Support (UK, n.d.)
Includes an excellent video on hair loss, and links to tips for coping with hair loss, simple instruction on tying bandanas and headscarves, and lots of practical advice on wearing a wig. Remember that links to UK services and products may not be relevant to Australians.
  (web page with video)

Peripheral neuropathy
Dr Shirley Wong; Counterpart (AUS, 2019)
Peripheral neuropathy (damage to nerves in hands, feet and lower legs) is a side effect of some cancer treatments, particularly chemotherapy treatment. Consultant Medical Oncologist Shirley Wong explains why it happens, risk factors and what can be done to help. Recorded at Counterpart Resource Centre, Melbourne, on 20 February 2019.
(video – 59 mins)

Dealing with cancer-related fatigue
Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre; Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (AUS, 2016)
Fact sheet explaining the causes of cancer-related fatigue and tips for managing it.
  (fact sheet – PDF)

Cancer-related fatigue
Elizabeth Pearson; Counterpart (AUS, 2020)
Elizabeth Pearson, Occupational Therapist, PhD, discusses the management of cancer-related fatigue.

The thing about cancer. Episode 3: Managing cancer fatigue
Cancer Council New South Wales (AUS, 2017)
In this podcast, Julie McCrossin and Dr Haryana Dhillon discuss ways of managing cancer fatigue.

Uterine cancer treatment: managing side effects: Bladder problems & bowel problems
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS, 2021)
Overview of side effects that may be experienced following treatment for uterine cancer. Includes tips on dealing with side effects and where to go for more information.

The thing about cancer. Episode 13: Managing cancer pain
Cancer Council New South Wales (AUS, 2018)
In this podcast, Julie McCrossin and pain expert Professor Paul Glare discuss strategies for managing acute or chronic pain.

The thing about cancer. Episode 7: Appetite loss and nausea
Cancer Council New South Wales (AUS, 2017)
In this podcast, Julie McCrossin and dietitian Merran Findlay talk about ways to nourish your body during cancer treatment.

Mouth problems
Macmillan Cancer Support (UK)
Practical tips for caring for your mouth during chemotherapy treatment to manage or avoid side effects. Remember that as this is a UK website, not all of the suggested products may be available in Australia.

The thing about cancer. Episode 14: Brain fog and cancer
Cancer Council New South Wales (AUS, 2018)
In this podcast, Julie McCrossin and medical oncologist Professor Janette Vardy discuss her research into 'chemo brain'.

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