About vulvar cancer

Vulval cancer can develop in any part of the external female genitals. There are several different types, depending on which types of tissue they affect.

Find out more about the different types of vulval cancer, as well as symptoms and possible treatments in the resources below:

Vulvar cancers
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS, 2023)
This web page explains vulvar cancer, including diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Links to an 8-page fact sheet ‘Understanding vulvar cancer’ described below.

Understanding vulvar cancer
Cancer Council Australia (AUS, 2023)
This booklet clearly explains vulval and vaginal cancers, including anatomy, diagnosis, treatment and side effects. There is also a handy glossary, question checklist and information on seeking support.
 (8-page fact sheet PDF)

Vulval cancer
Cancer Australia (AUS)
This section of the Cancer Australia website provides information on vulval cancer. Use the link at the top to find information on diagnosis and treatment, as well as where to go for support, and how to access clinical trials in Australia.


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