Library resources for women with metastatic/advanced cancer

Collection of books that may be of interest to women with advanced cancer.

Below are links to some resources you might find helpful if you have had a diagnosis of metastatic/advanced cancer. Many are not specific to advanced cancer, but they may be of interest, depending on your individual situation.

Some of the resources may not be relevant to your particular situation, so speak with your treating team if you are unsure.

Remember that if you live in Victoria and have been affected by breast or a gynaecological cancer, we can post resources out to you free of charge, and provide free return postage too.

Advanced/metastatic cancer

Personal stories

Picture books for children (specific to advanced cancer)

Picture books for children explaining cancer and treatment

Mental health and wellbeing


Complementary therapies

Mind body therapies



Relaxation and meditation

Grief and loss

End of life

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If you have suggestions of resources you've found particularly helpful, we'd love to hear about them. Please contact us at [email protected].