Targeted therapies

Treatment for ovarian cancer – targeted therapies
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS, 2020)
This is a section of a web page providing information on treatment for ovarian cancer and links to the free booklet ‘Understanding ovarian cancer’ for more information. The booklet is listed below.

Understanding ovarian cancer
Cancer Council Australia (AUS, 2020)
This booklet provides a clear explanation of how ovarian cancer develops, is diagnosed and treated in Australia. Includes questions you might want to ask your treating team, and suggestions on finding further information. Find information on targeted therapies on page 42.
  (76-page booklet available as PDF or in hard copy)

Targeted therapy
Cancer Council (AUS, 2021)
This page explains how targeted therapies work, how they are given, and possible side effects. Links to the fact sheet 'Understanding targeted therapy'.

Understanding targeted therapy: a guide for people affected by cancer
Cancer Council Australia (AUS, 2021)
This fact sheet explains targeted therapies, including PARP inhibitors for the treatment of some ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancers and targeted therapies to treat inherited Lynch Syndrome cancers. It explains who may benefit, how to access treatment, and possible side effects. Download this information as a PDF fact sheet at the bottom of the page.
(web page and 7-page fact sheet as PDF or in hard copy)

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