Clinical trials

People who take part in clinical trials can help contribute to medical research, while perhaps getting access to medications that aren’t yet widely available. There’s a lot to understand, so read the resources below and speak to your treating team if you are thinking of getting involved in a clinical trial.

Trial using medicinal cannabis for bone metastases
Daniel Tan/Counterpart (AUS, 2021)
Biotech company Medlab Clinical are conducting a chronic pain observational study to understand the effectiveness, tolerability and safety of pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis. Preliminary findings showed that patients with bone metastases (cancer which has spread to their bones) were responding well to the therapy. This has led to a more targeted trial.

Clinical trials
Cancer Council Victoria (AUS)
This web page gives a brief overview of clinical trials, why someone might want to take part and dispels some myths. Scroll down for links to Victorian Cancer Trials Link where you can search for a suitable trial, the booklet, ‘Understanding clinical trials and research’ listed below, and Trial Connect where individuals can connect with a person who has participated in a clinical trial.

Understanding clinical trials and research
Cancer Council Australia (AUS, 2015)
Information to help you make an informed decision about taking part in a trial. Explains the types of research, how to get involved, and practical issues.
  (68-page booklet – PDF or hard copy)

Find all gynaecological cancer clinical trials currently recruiting
Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) (AUS)
This search tool allows you to find gynaecological cancer trials in Australia and New Zealand that are currently recruiting. Search by cancer type. Internationally-registered trials should be included in the future.
 (Online search tool)

How clinical trials work
Australia. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) (AUS, 2015)
This is a clear explanation of a complex topic. It explains the rules and processes of a clinical trial that must be followed to make sure they are as safe as possible and the results are meaningful. Menu on the left links to ‘Who can be a part of a clinical trial?’.

What is a clinical trial?
Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) (AUS)
Brief explanation of the reason for clinical trials. Includes a video ‘Cheryl’s story’ (10mins) and link to the PDF fact sheet, ‘What is a clinical trial?’ described below.

What is a clinical trial?
Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) (AUS)
This fact sheet explains why clinical trials are necessary, how they work, and the benefits of participating.
  (fact sheet – PDF)

Information about the HealthMatch mobile app, which is connected to the Australian Government database of clinical trials. This is one means for patients to search for clinical trials relevant to their illness and individual profile. The information is in plain language and provides details of how to get involved.
 (Mobile app)

Randomised control trials: what makes them the gold standard in medical research?
The Conversation (AUS, 2017)
Explanation of randomised control trials (RCTs) in plain English. Also includes a simple video explaining the process followed to have a drug approved, which includes RCTs.
  (article and video – 3 mins)

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