Understanding surgery
Cancer Council Australia (AUS, 2019)
This 64-page booklet answers a lot of basic questions about surgery for cancer. Includes decision making, types of surgery, planning and preparation, processes on the day, recovery and a handy list of questions to ask your team.
  (booklet available as PDF or in hard copy)

Cancer Survivor Guide (AUS, 2018)
Episode 2 of this podcast discusses how surgeons decide when to operate, how techniques have changed and improved over time, and what to expect when you meet your surgeon.

Understanding vulvar and vaginal cancer
Cancer Council Australia (AUS, 2020)
This booklet clearly explains vulval and vaginal cancers, including anatomy, diagnosis, treatment and side effects. There is also a handy glossary, question checklist and information on seeking support. Find information on surgery on page 46.
  (72-page booklet – PDF or hard copy )

Surgery for vaginal cancer
Macmillan Cancer Support (UK, 2018)
This UK-based web page provides information on vaginal cancer, including different types of vaginal cancers, treatment and side effects. Please note that support services and telephone numbers are not available to Australians.

If you have vaginal cancer (easy reading)
American Cancer Society ( (US, 2018)
This is a good introduction to the types of vaginal cancer, treatment, side effects and follow up. This could be a good starting point prior to seeing your doctor, as it includes lists of questions you might wish to ask. Remember that support information is for a US audience only.

Types of surgery used for vaginal cancer
American Cancer Society ( (US, 2018)
A description of the types of surgery that might be used to treat vaginal cancer at different stages. Remember that support information is for a US audience only.

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