Women often tell us that they would love to visit BreaCan, but find it difficult due to work or family commitments that prevent them from coming in during the day. From August 2009 to March 2010 (except January), the BreaCan Resource Centre will be open the first Thursday of every month from 5.00pm until 7.30pm. Whilst the continuation of the later opening hours is dependent on demand, we hope that the option of visiting BreaCan in the evening will meet the needs of many women, their partners, family and friends. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you – come and chat with volunteers and staff and have a look through our resources.
The dates of the extended opening hours are:

August 6
September 3 (join us for wine and cheese; BreaCan open until 8pm)
October 1
November 5
December 3
February 4
March 4

Last Updated: 21 April, 2013 11:42 pm