Peer support

What is peer support?

Find out exactly what peer support is, and how it can help you.

How can I speak with a Peer Support Volunteer?

Find out who is eligible for peer support from Counterpart and how you can get in touch.

Peer support for women with advanced/metastatic cancer

We provide a range of services for women with advanced/metastatic cancer. Find out about the benefits of peer support.

Peer support in your own language

Arrange a peer support call via an interpreter, and download Counterpart pamphlets in 7 community languages: Italian, Greek, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish and Somali.

Get support

Request a call from a Peer Support Volunteer.

Refer a patient

Health professionals can use this referral form to link their patient with peer support.

How could peer support help my patient?

Find out about the benefits of peer support and how it complements clinical supports, for your patient.

What happens when I refer a patient?

It's very straightforward, but here we explain the process, so you know exactly what to expect when you refer a patient for peer support.