Woman joining an online workshop from home

We have been running some of our information sessions as webinars since 2014, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our events are being moved online. Although many miss face to face connections, joining an online event can be a great way to stay connected or to try something new.

Susan has attended a number of our events and has kindly shared her experiences.

Wellbeing activities in online workshops

I have found the Counterpart workshops to be a wonderful way to keep connected in these uncertain times. The activities that Counterpart offer have been very enjoyable, especially the Meditation workshop.

I participated in a belly dancing online workshop recently, and had a great time. This is not something I would have participated in if it wasn’t available online. Having the ability to do these classes at home has made me feel more relaxed and I have experienced an increase in interaction between myself, the teacher, and the others participating in the class. It is absolutely lovely to chat with the other ladies.

The Feldenkrais workshop was a lovely way to become more aware of my body. The teacher was clear in her instructions. This workshop left me feeling very relaxed and it was wonderful to do this class in the comfort of my own home. Not having to travel a few hours to and from the Counterpart Resource Centre eliminates so much stress, making all these classes even more enjoyable to participate in.

Getting information from webinars

I also enjoy watching the webinars live, however, having access to them at a later date can be more practical sometimes. This is excellent as I am not always available when the webinar’s occur. This makes me so grateful I have this option. I don’t have to miss out. If I have any questions they can be submitted beforehand to be answered during the webinar.

The presenters are always very informative, generally including visual slides which I enjoy. They answer the questions thoughtfully and I am often able to personally relate to the questions that are asked from my own experience.

I enjoy scrolling through the recorded webinars and choose ones that I feel like watching. ‘Shrink your worries’ was a really enjoyable webinar which I watched three months after it was recorded. I would highly recommend Counterpart for online workshops and webinars.

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(Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels).

Last Updated: 7 October, 2020 8:45 am