Art Therapy – art partnering

This event has past.

Location:  Online workshop

Program: In person

Address: N/A

Art therapy is a way to explore and express feelings and ideas that may not otherwise come to light. In this session, you are invited to consider artworks or specific artists that you are attracted to and to create a work of your own in response. You might also choose to explore a style or genre (portraiture, landscape, still life, abstraction) that you are drawn to. By ‘partnering’ with another artist, style or artwork we can build a platform to reflect on and express our own needs and feelings.

We are a culture used to expressing and explaining ourselves in words. The very action of creating or paying close attention to images or marks activates different parts of our brain and can create new connections (neural pathways) and the potential for new insight or meaning specific to you.

Art Therapist, Jackie Burden will facilitate this workshop.

Register for the Making Connections – Art Therapy for women with metastatic cancer online workshop

This event is for women who have been affected by advanced/metastatic breast or gynaecological cancer.

Registrations for this session close at 5pm Wednesday 27 April.

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