Worrying about loved ones

Belinda Astl

This session was recorded in Melbourne on 14 October 2021. This is a Making Connections session for women living with advanced/metastatic cancer. The stresses and strains of living with metastatic cancer are felt not only by the woman diagnosed but by her loved ones as well. It is difficult to see others affected by fear, anxiety and sadness because of your illness experience. And the impact extends beyond emotional worries. People may be affected psychologically, physically, financially, or because of family dynamics and role changes. Concern for loved ones, especially for children, and the desire to protect them often weighs heavily on women living with metastatic cancer. There are no easy answers here – each person and family will deal with these issues in their own way. Hosted by Wendy Pullan. (Note: The presentation by psychologist Belinda Astl was followed by a live online discussion, which is not published here, for privacy reasons.)

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