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What's new in March, with links to support, information and other items from the cancer sector.

My Cancer Guide

My Cancer Guide: Find support services that are right for you. Dark blue text on a band of yellow. Above is a photo of an elderly woman and below are two photos - one of two young women leaning against one another, and the other of a middle-aged man.

Cancer Council Victoria's My Cancer Guide helps people to search for the support services they need based on their cancer and location.

The guide links to more than 450 support services across Victoria.

Services include psychological or emotional support, help at home, wigs and scarves, exercise programs, treatment centres, financial counselling, and more. You can also search by type of cancer and location.

Research invitation: mental health support during treatment

A woman with her hair shaved short sits in front of a leafy tropical houseplant. She is resting one hand against her chin and looks thoughtful.

Researchers from Monash University conducting a study into patient experience of mental health management during treatment. They are interested in understanding how people feel during treatment and what supports you may have been offered.

They are looking for participants who are currently being, or have recently been, treated in a chemotherapy day unit. Taking part in this study involves a one-off online survey which may take about 30 minutes. 

Find out more or participate in the study.

LGBTQI+ People and Cancer 

A heart filled with horizontal stripes in the colours of the trans flag (white, pink, light blue) and the Philadelphia Pride Flag (brown, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).

This new resource was launched during Sydney World Pride 2023 last month by Cancer Council NSW. It includes information to help you understand how cancer and its treatment may affect LGBTQI+ people – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other diverse sexualities and genders, as well as people with intersex variations.  

Topics covered include coping with cancer, key questions, dealing with discrimination and information specifically for trans and/or gender-diverse people, and intersex people.

Download LGBTQI+ People and Cancer or read online.

'We deserve better': Gabrielle Jackson on medical misogyny

Gabrielle Jackson standing in front of an audience with a VCCC Alliance banner behind her.

Watch a keynote address from Gabrielle Jackson on the implications of sex and gender bias in health care.

Gabrielle is the author of the best-selling book Pain and Prejudice. She gave this talk at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance's International Women's Day event held on 3 March. 

Watch Gabrielle Jackson's keynote address 

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