Our staff

Counterpart is the culmination of the vision, expertise and dedication of a varied group of people. Staff, volunteers and advisers work together in a respectful partnership, acknowledging the unique and valuable contribution each makes to the service. Counterpart has an advisory group to provide advice, guidance and support, as well as being governed by the board of Women's Health Victoria.

Below are staff profiles. Please contact us on 1300 781 500 for partnership opportunities.

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Dianne Hill

Manager Support Services

Dianne Hill joined the Counterpart team as Manager in October 2016. Dianne brings a wealth of expertise as a senior manager and has extensive experience in the strategic development, implementation and evaluation of programs and services in the health and human services sectors. She is responsible for the management of staff, the implementation of the Strategic Plan and service development. Dianne is part of the Women's Health Victoria management team and promotes the Counterpart service through building strong relationships with external stakeholders.


Fiona McRae

Assistant Manager / Team Leader Projects and Development

In 2018, Fiona became the Assistant Manager, after joining the Counterpart team in October 2008. She is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of the service. She manages projects, communications and administration staff and supervises new projects, including rural and area-based projects and the development of new telehealth facilities.


Kellie Holland

Team Leader Operations / Volunteer Coordinator

Kellie coordinates the volunteering program, from the recruitment and training of volunteers, including the Peer Support Volunteers, to providing ongoing support and coordination. She also manages the Counterpart Programs team and oversees Counterpart programs and services. Kellie joined Counterpart in November 2011.


Wendy Pullan

Programs Coordinator

Wendy coordinates the Bridge of Support program at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Women's and Royal Melbourne Hospitals, working with Peer Support Volunteers to support women who are inpatients or having chemotherapy. Wendy coordinates the What's On and Making Connections programs and support for women living with metastatic/advanced cancer. She also works in the Resource Centre alongside the Counterpart Peer Support Volunteers. She joined Counterpart in October 2008.

Linda photo

Linda Rehill

Program and Resources Coordinator

Linda is responsible for the Counterpart library and ongoing maintenance, review and further development of the Counterpart Navigators. She also works in the Resource Centre alongside the Counterpart Peer Support Volunteers, providing information and support to women who use the service. Linda began at Counterpart in May 2015.


Louise Knell

Western Bridge of Support Coordinator

Louise coordinates the Bridge of Support program at Sunshine Hospital. She liaises with Western Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre staff to provide the program to women attending the hospital. Louise works with Peer Support Volunteers to provide practical and emotional support, information and a listening ear to women affected by breast or a gynaecological cancer.


Tammy Boatman

Rural Programs Coordinator

Tammy joined Counterpart in early 2016, coordinating Stepping into Wellness exercise programs. In November 2016, she also became the Rural Programs Coordinator, working on a three-year project to increase access and awareness of Counterpart's service among women living with breast or a gynaecological cancer in regional Victoria. She is working with local health professionals to find ways that Counterpart can complement the support they give to women.


Mary Macheras-Magias

Area-based Coordinator

Mary returned to Counterpart in September 2018, having previously coordinated BreaCan volunteer training from 2012–14 and worked with volunteers in the Resource Centre. Her role involves developing and strengthening partnerships with cancer services in the southern and eastern metropolitan regions and increasing access for women who have had a breast or gynaecological cancer diagnosis in these areas.


Lauren Ferris

Digital Resources Coordinator

Since joining the team in November 2016, Lauren has overseen a number of digital projects aimed at assisting Counterpart to increase capacity and reach, including the development of a new Client Management System. She is responsible for the development and implementation of new telehealth facilities which will enable more women to access Counterpart services from across Victoria.


Katherine Bradstreet

Communications Coordinator

Katherine began at Counterpart in September 2008 and took on the role of Communications Coordinator in 2016. Her responsibilities include the development and implementation of the Counterpart communications plan. Katherine coordinates the production and publication of key communication materials and maintaining the Counterpart website.


Rebecca Harraghy

Administration Officer

Rebecca joined the Counterpart team in January 2018. She is responsible for providing organisational support to staff and maintaining office systems, including service use data and records management. Rebecca also manages the day-to-day activity of Counterpart's Facebook and Twitter accounts and coordinates mail-outs three times a year.