In memory

hand holding flower

Remembering a friend or being remembered

Remembering Counterpart in your will or making a donation in memory of a friend are two very special ways you can support our service.

A tribute

Sometimes people (or their immediate family) ask friends and family to make a donation at their funeral.

Counterpart can provide forms you can use at the funeral or help people make online donations. When making donations either way, simply add the name of the person your donation is honouring. When we receive a donation as a tribute, we notify the family that a gift has been made, but not the amount given.

In celebration

Another way people help support Counterpart is by making donations in celebration of personal milestones and special occasions.

Rather than receive presents for your birthday, you might ask for donations instead. Families at Christmas might decide to give a donation alongside, or in place of, sharing and giving presents.

There are many ways to make a difference to the lives of women living with cancer. Contact us and we can help support you in making that tribute or celebration even more meaningful.