Managing uncertainty

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We have all been living with a lot of uncertainty over the past two difficult years. At times we might focus on how bad things are, which can pull us down into hopelessness and negativity.

When we can’t change or control our situation, how can we best manage the way we respond to it? This session will give us some practical skills we can use to lift our mood and our energy. This will put us in a stronger state to deal with the situations that challenge us.

This isn’t about pretending that everything is fine or denying our feelings.  What it means is that, despite our circumstances, we can decide how we want to respond to the feelings that come up. Do we let them overwhelm us and make us fearful, anxious or angry?  Or do we acknowledge those feelings and then decide what to do with them to support our mental and physical health.

Our facilitator for this workshop is Liz O’Brien, a trained healthcare professional with over 20 years’ experience in stress and lifestyle management.  Liz is a tutor at Monash University School of Medicine in the Health Enhancement Program. In her private practise she coaches individuals and organisations. Liz's commitment to wellbeing is based on the understanding of the integral link between mind and body which recognises that physical and mental/emotional health go hand in hand.

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This event is for women in Victoria who have been affected by cancer.

Registrations for this session close at 5pm Sunday 8 May.

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