Pelvic floor problems after gynaecological cancer treatment

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In this session we’ll discuss the importance of the pelvic floor muscles after treatment for gynaecological cancer. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone treatment are all risk factors for pelvic dysfunction.  Learn what’s available to help with symptoms such as sexual issues and bowel or bladder problems, including incontinence, pain and prolapse.

Poor pelvic health has a significant impact on quality of life. Many women have concerns, but these issues are sometimes difficult to talk about. There is support available and with the right treatment, it is possible to decrease or eliminate symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Rebecca Liberatore is a senior pelvic floor physiotherapist working in this area since 2008. Rebecca works as the Senior Clinician in charge of the Women’s Physiotherapy Department at Sunshine Hospital. She also works privately at Melbourne Pregnancy & Pelvic Physio.


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