Radiotherapy for gynaecological cancers

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Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, is often one part of treatment for gynaecological cancers such as cervical, vaginal and endometrial cancer.

Radiation can be delivered in one of two ways: from the outside, using external beam radiotherapy, or internally called brachytherapy. Brachytherapy is a term used to describe the short distance treatment of cancer with a small encapsulated radioactive source. This type of treatment is given by placing sources directly into or near the volume to be treated.

Our presenter will outline the radiation techniques specific to gynaecological cancers, the benefits and side effects of different treatments, as well as new developments in this field.

Our presenter Sylvia Hanna is a senior brachytherapist, and has specialised in this treatment for the past 5 years. Sylvia is in charge of the brachytherapy program at Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellbeing and Research Centre.

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