Advanced breast cancer: a guide to living with metastatic cancer

by Mayer, Musa

O'Reilly, Sebastopol, CA, 1998, 2nd edition

Living with advanced breast cancer does not mean an immediate death sentence. Advanced Breast Cancer speaks of a different reality where women with metastic disease often live for many years and that time can be full and meaningful. Aspects covered include: coping with the shock of recurrence and making treatment decisions; communicating effectively with medical personnel; managing symptoms of disease progression and treatment side effects; emotional support and finding ways to keep hope alive and discover meaning in the midst of adversity.

Categories: Advanced Cancer

Subjects: Advanced breast cancer, Complementary therapies, Doctor patient relationship, Drugs, Families, Living with cancer, Palliative care, Personal experiences, Psychological aspects, Psychosocial aspects, Radiotherapy, Side effects, Surgery, Terminal illness, Treatment

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