Worry-free : meditations to reduce anxiety and tension

by Warrington, Carmen|Jones, David

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Ultimo, NSW, 2011

If you're experiencing worry or distress or tension, one thing is certain – you're not the only one. Most of us feel anxious at times, related to work, family or social life, health, finances, world events, or some reason we can't even identify. Meditation can reduce these overwhelming feelings and repetitive thoughts, break the worry-habit, and restore a little peace of mind. When emotions settle and your mind is feeling lighter, it's easier to face the situation, and work out the best way forward. These meditations are designed to help you regain control over your thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness practices lift you out of past worries and future anxieties into a peaceful present, the here and now. Reassuring affirmations gently guide your mind in a positive direction. Breathing meditations release anxiety and tension. Creative visualizations nurture qualities to help you deal with life's many challenges.

Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Relaxation and Meditation

Subjects: Anxiety, Meditation, Stress

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